AMG 401

Generic Name: AMG 401
Study IDStudied Indication or DiseasePhaseStudy TitleSynopsis
MT201-102EpCAM-Positive Relapsed or Primary Refractory Advanced Stage Breast Cancer1bAn open-label, multicenter phase Ib study to investigate the safety and tolerability of intravenous infusion of a combination of the EpCAM-antibody adecatumumab and docetaxel in patients with EpCAM-positive relapsed or primary refractory advanced stage breast cancer
MT201-204Patients after complete resection (R0) of liver metastasis(es) from colorectal adenocarcinoma2A randomized, open-label, controlled, multicenter phase II study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of adecatumumab alone or sequentially to FOLFOX relative to FOLFOX after R0 resection of colorectal liver metastases