Please read the following statements carefully:

1.   Amgen Inc. and its affiliates ("Amgen") are currently compiling a list of investigative sites that might be interested in participating in Amgen-sponsored clinical trials in the future. Amgen is interested in both expanding our list of investigators in our current therapeutic areas and developing lists of investigators in new therapeutic areas. If you wish to be considered, you will need to fill out the registration information on this site so that Amgen can determine your level of interest and qualification for a future study. For this purpose, you will be asked questions about your qualifications, your investigative site and the clinical research facilities available to you. The information that you provide in response to these questions may contain personal information. Amgen will use the information you provide for the sole purpose of evaluating your level of interest and qualification for a future Amgen study. Your information may be shared among Amgen affiliates in the United States or other countries solely for this purpose or stored on servers in such countries, and may therefore be subject to foreign laws. Other countries, including the United States, may have laws that require the disclosure of personal information to governmental authorities under different circumstances than your country of citizenship or where you reside. Amgen will retain your information only for the time required to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected and in order to comply with applicable laws. We use industry standard safeguards to protect the security of the information that we collect. If you want to review the information that you provide, modify any information regarding your site, interest or qualifications, or if you no longer wish to be considered for an Amgen study, you can make those changes by returning to this web site. By providing your information on this web site, you consent to Amgen's collection, use and disclosure of your information (including personal information, if any) and your site information, as explained above. In addition, you accept the terms of the web site Privacy Statement and Terms of Use. Further, you agree to be contacted by an Amgen Representative in the event that you are identified as a potential match for a future Amgen study. You also agree that Amgen can contact you by email should we need to provide or request further information related to your registration on this site. *If Amgen Representative is submitting on behalf of the investigative site, by clicking agree below, you are confirming the privacy statement has been obtained per local country regulations2.  When completing the Physician Registry Survey, you will be asked to furnish your contact information, your primary specialty, indications in which you  have conducted clinical research, and your primary research site institution and network affiliation.3.  Please be sure to review your entries prior to submitting your information as the accuracy of this data is critical for Amgen to contact you regarding potential participation in upcoming clinical studies.4.  This survey will "time-out" after one hour and does not have a save function. Please be prepared to complete this survey in one sitting to ensure your data is accepted into the system.5.  The Physician/delegate has read and accepts the terms of the privacy statement     

Effective Date: January 21, 2011